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Statistics Canada on Household Debt

Statistics Canada released its latest report on household debt on Friday.  A copy of the complete report can be downloaded by clicking here: Some keys points the writer found of interest: In 1980 the ratio of household debt to personal income was 66%; this ratio recently passed the 150% figure in 2011.  This means […]

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Household Debt in Canada Continues to Increase

Statistics Canada announced this month that per capita household debt increased to $46,700 for the quarter ending December 2011.  This represents an increase in household debt of 4.94% versus a year earlier ($44,500).  Although (due to household income growth) the debt-to-income ratio for the fourth quarter of 2011 fell to 152.9 versus 154.2 the quarter previous what […]

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New On-Line File Assignment Portal

Convenience for our clients Accuracy and completeness of data Speed of assignment Environmental stewardship through the reduced use of paper As part of our mandate to continually be seeking opportunities to improve service levels and returns for our clients we have recently upgraded our website to allow for the safe, secure, and timely assignment of […]

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Our Declining Savings Rate

Household spending is expected to continue powering the Alberta economy through 2012.  As a matter of fact Statistics Canada just announced this past week that total New Vehicle Sales in Alberta were up over 23% in January versus one year ago!  With these gains Alberta is approaching the record setting highs that were set prior […]

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