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The End of the Canadian Housing Bonanza?

Canadian home sales rose to a record in December just before tougher mortgage rules took effect, helping make 2017 the second strongest market ever. Transactions climbed 4.5 percent from November to 45,976, according to a report in early January by the Canadian Real Estate Association. The national benchmark price index was little changed on the […]

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Canadian Consumers Rightfully Showing Concern Over Rising Interest Rates

According to a recent Ipsos poll conducted by MNP LTD., the increased cost of borrowing due to rising interest rates is causing many Canadians to re-evaluate their relationship with debt. Seven in 10 people who responded to the survey say higher interest rates will cause them to think twice about how they spend their money, […]

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Earth Day: Time for Science (Maybe Someday Common Sense)

According to The Google, today we honor the rich, vast Earth that’s sustained generations before us and continues to nurture life and inspire wonder. At an estimated 4.543 billion years of age, the Earth is still the only known object in the Universe known to harbor life. It’s also the densest planet in the Solar […]

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Alberta: Government Fueling the Debt Culture

Today’s sheep are spared, so that tomorrow’s may be more lavishly fleeced. Finance Minister Joe Ceci’s budget released this past Thursday showed a $10.3 billion deficit for the coming year and that Alberta’s debt would rise to $71.1 billion by 2020! Remember it was only 12 years ago, in 2005 in fact, that Alberta was […]

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Chicken Little Beware!

Ever since Trump’s unexpected victory at the polls, trade has been a hot topic here in Canada. With good reason: President-Elect Trump has spoken of renegotiating NAFTA, the trade deal governing Canada’s relationship with its biggest export market the USA. On occasion, he’s even vowed to pull the U.S. out of the agreement entirely. In […]

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I want to do right, just not right now

A new poll from CIBC finds that paying down debt is once again the top financial priority for Canadians in 2017, the seventh straight year that debt concerns have headlined the annual survey. Coming in at nearly 30 per cent, prioritizing debt repayment is at its highest level since 2010. According to the latest data […]

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Have bankers gone insane or is it me?

Does anything scream insanity louder than this sign board shown below that was spotted on August 23, 2016 at the CIBC Branch located on the University of Waterloo campus? -Is home ownership for an international student with a study permit and no verifiable income in the best interest of the student? the bank? or society in general? -CMHC […]

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45 Years Ago Today: The Day the Money Died

As many continue to panic over the potential for greater global uncertainty and chaos, based upon Brexit and the upcoming US elections in November one must recognize that chaos and new public policy coming completely out of left field is nothing new and should not be considered special or unique during this, our time in […]

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The Donald or Hillary: It’s Tribal

Naturally with the Republican National Convention taking place this week the fitness of The Donald as President has once again taken the centre of debate on social media, most especially amongst many of my more ‘progressive’ friends and associates.  Doomsday scenarios, demagogue, war, hate, class warfare you name it, it’s all part of the narrative.  […]

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What does Brexit Signal?

Putting aside the non-stop debate in the mainstream media driven by the sheer terror of the political establishment, government elites, and those with a vested interest in maintaining their positions as members of the status quo the real question we need to be asking in order to effectively plan for the future is; Does Brexit signal […]

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