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Land of the Empty Wallets

More than half of Canadians are living within $200 per month of not being able to pay all their bills or meet their debt obligations, according to a recent Ipsos survey conducted on behalf of accounting firm MNP. For 10 per cent of Canadians, the margin of error when it comes to household finances is even thinner, […]

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200.00 or Bust

A recent poll suggests nearly half of Canadians surveyed in January 2016 are within $200 per month of being unable to pay for their bills and make their debt payment.  The Ipsos Reid survey also found about one-quarter of the 1,582 people who responded to the poll were already unable to cover their bills and […]

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Consumer Debt: Bridging the Gap

According to a recent Manulife Bank survey (click here) more than one third of Canadian households have been covering monthly living expenses by running up credit lines, credit cards, or even selling off investments and hitting up family members for much needed cash. More troubling however is that the survey also found that 14 percent of […]

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Social Media Ballers Beware

You’ve seen it a lot on social media I’m sure. Those ‘friends’ that continually bombard their pages with evidence of their lavish lifestyle; vacation pictures from exotic locations, location updates from fancy restaurants and clubs, new cars, new boats, new motorcycles, you name it. All in an attempt to make their on-line audience of ‘friends’ […]

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China doesn’t affect me. Are you sure?

Earlier this month we highlighted the marked increase in past due receivables being held by companies in the Eurozone and now this past week Reuters reports that as China’s economy continues to cool, companies are waiting longer and finding it harder to get paid for goods and services they’ve already sold, leading to record amounts […]

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Private Sector CashCrunch: Euro Style

Dreaming of expanding your global reach by exporting your products or services to the Eurozone? Perhaps it’s time to think again and put your ego in check and  focus on broadening your reach in domestic markets instead.  Although exporting to Saskatchewan, British Columbia or Ontario may not sound as sexy as doing business in Milan, […]

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Do you have money you forgot about?

The Bank of Canada is currently holding over five hundred million dollars that have accumulated from dormant bank accounts from across the country over the years. More than 93 per cent of the unclaimed accounts total less than $1,000. And the oldest balance dates back to 1900. Here’s how it works. If no one claims […]

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Higher Alberta Residential Rents Around the Corner?

Finance Minister Jim Flaherty announced this past week that effective July 9, 2012 CMHC mortgage insurance will only be available on mortgage amortization periods to a maximum of 25 years from the current 30 years.  Furthermore, home equity lines of credit (HELOC) will be limited to a maximum of 80 percent assessed value, down from the […]

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Aug/Sept 2009 – Why Should You Pay Your Invoices on Time?

Why Should You Pay Your Invoices on Time? In addition to being unethical, the practice of deliberately paying suppliers later than the agreed upon terms is wrong for sound economic reasons: Your reputation is harmed, thereby weakening your organization Your supply sources are damaged along with your relationships with suppliers Late payment weakens the overall […]

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June/July 2008 – Pulling the Trigger

Pulling The Trigger In a perfect world, banks would bend over backwards to finance a new business, suppliers would stay on schedule, and customers would pay on time. Since this isn't a perfect world businesses must be prepared to fend off those customers destined to pilfer from both their day to day cash flow and […]

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