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Money: No Cash Value

We ran across a rather odd, yet rivetingly important story this past week that didn’t really seem to be picked up by mainstream media (surprise, surprise). It made us wonder if we have now officially entered the late innings of a game that’s bound to end badly for all of us. As a rather unusual […]

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The War on Savers: The Value of Thrift & Prudence in 2016

In this age of relentless consumption and 140 character tweets, what kind of insult to common sense argues that human nature is prone to save too much, defer gratification too long, shop too sparingly and consume too little? But isn’t that ultimately the message that is being sent by Central Bankers from around the world with a near zero interest rate […]

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Mocking Cash

Not to be outdone by the mocking of central bankers from our previous post (click here) mainstream media and the banks are also on the bandwagon about Canadians fearfully hoarding cash. But then again it’s always easier to be reckless with someone else’s money rather than your own; especially when it comes to trying to […]

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Cash is King

Here at CASE we have a tendency to overweight our focus on the unsustainable growth of debt levels seen over the last number of years. Who can blame us? We’re a debt collection agency. It’s our business, but the last thing we want to do is not pay attention to other facets of the economic […]

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