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Communicating Effectively Through Cultural Barriers

People from different backgrounds send and receive messages through cultural filters.  Words, expressions and gestures that mean one thing in one culture may mean something entirely different in another culture. A term or a gesture that may seem perfectly harmless to you may be offensive to someone from another ethnic group.  It is recommended that […]

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Oct/Nov 2010 – Phatic Expressions and Failure

Phatic Expressions and Failure In linguistics, a phatic expression is one whose only function is to perform a social task, as opposed to conveying information. The question “how are you?” is usually an automatic component of a social encounter. If you are like most people, either your reply is a quick one-word answer (eg. “not […]

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Collection Notes from the Field

Collection Notes from the Field There is an old saying in the debt recovery profession that says, "a sale is a gift until the invoice is paid." It's the mandate of your A/R personnel and effective third party agent to turn those gifts into sales. From our perspective, not only are companies not paying their […]

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Feb/Mar 2010- Effective Use of Communication

Effective Use of Communications An effective communications strategy is a key part of any collections process. Not only can such a strategy improve overall customer responsiveness, it can also lead to reducing costs associated with your in-house collection efforts. Initiating customer contact that results in zero net dollars recovered has a direct negative effect on […]

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June/July 2009 – Debt Collectors: bad cop, good cop

Debt collectors: bad cop, good cop all in one JAMES FUSSELL McClatchey Newspapers KANSAS CITY, MO. There's a sign in Jim Coy's otherwise bland office that reads: "God's last name is not damn." People come in and they're upset, and they use profanities," Coy said. "So we decided to put the sign up." Debt collection […]

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Apr/May 2009 – A/R Strategy Checklist

A/R Strategy Checklist Following is a list of items that once included in your business plan will greatly reduce the number of past due customers and most importantly reduce the volume of write-offs to bad debt. When you are negotiating with or quoting a customer: Clearly advise the customer when payment is required. Gain their […]

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Feb/Mar 2009 – Win in this Economy?

Win in this Economy? If you are like many of our clients and prospects, you have started experiencing a higher percentage of customers not paying you on time over the past quarter. You are not alone. It’s all part and parcel of the changes we are experiencing in this period of the macro-economic cycle. Blame […]

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Aug/Sept 2008 – Communication

Communication Since the start of time, man has used some form of communication to get tasks completed. With thousands of years of practice and experience you would think that we homo sapiens would have perfected the art of communication by now. Unfortunately, this is far from the norm in today’s business world. More often than […]

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