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Can an Email Can Extend a Limitation Period for a Debt Claim?

In British Columbia, the right to sue on a debtor’s failure to repay a loan is generally limited to a two year period following the date the debtor defaults on that loan, thanks to the provisions of the Limitation Act, S.B.C. 2012, c. 13 (the “ Limitation Act”). However, section 24(6) of the Limitation Act also provides […]

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How Much Can CRA Garnish?

When you owe money, no matter how much, to any creditor, one of the most problematic forms of collection action you face is a wage garnishment. When the debt is to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), things become even more problematic. If you’re concerned that a CRA garnishment may be headed your way due to […]

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Negotiate with CRA?

If you owe tax debt and the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) comes calling, the best step is to pay what you owe in full. The CRA will not forget about you. It may not have contacted you until this point but, now that it has, this is an issue that isn’t going to just go […]

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Hipsters Beware

The 21st century fraudster hardly even needs to speak with a victim before scamming them out of money. All they need is a phone or a computer. And a willing member of Generation Y who will click at the first sign of “free downloadable ring tones.” That’s according to ratings agency Equifax, which released a […]

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How sexy is your credit score?

The following refers to an American phenomenon but once considering the cultural, economic and lifestyle similarities to our good neighbors to the south I have to believe the Great White North isn’t all that much different statistically, demographically or emotionally on this topic. With 70 percent of marriages ending in divorce due to financial disagreements, […]

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Social Media Ballers Beware

You’ve seen it a lot on social media I’m sure. Those ‘friends’ that continually bombard their pages with evidence of their lavish lifestyle; vacation pictures from exotic locations, location updates from fancy restaurants and clubs, new cars, new boats, new motorcycles, you name it. All in an attempt to make their on-line audience of ‘friends’ […]

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Collection Notes from the Field

Collection Notes from the Field There is an old saying in the debt recovery profession that says, "a sale is a gift until the invoice is paid." It's the mandate of your A/R personnel and effective third party agent to turn those gifts into sales. From our perspective, not only are companies not paying their […]

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